Ear wax removal by MICRO SUCTION

Ear wax removal can be quite invasive. The process of gentle micro-suction is very safe, quick and painless.

Kirstin Jackson

Kirstin is a registered hearing aid dispenser, skilled in ear wax micro-suction.

Robert Donnan

Robert has been dispensing hearing aids for over 24 years. He is registered with the HCPC and is skilled in paediatric hearing tests, auditory processing disorder and tinnitus matching.

Tinnitus matching

Tinnitus can be put to the side and ignored by most sufferers. In some cases, it is more persistent or troublesome. We may be able to help with various methods of masking or camouflaging the unwanted sound. A trustee of the BTA trusts us with the management of […]

Kirstin is our expert in ear wax removal by micro-suction

If you are troubled with excess ear wax, micro-suction is by far the safest method of removal. Kirstin is HCPC registered and trained in micro-suction of ear wax (that is the use of a gentle suction probe to lift ear wax out of the ear canal).   Book […]